Improv Workshop – Playing Game in Harolds


Improvisers in Taiwan! We have a great opportunity here to learn from one of the best!
What is this workshop about?
The Harold is the basic learning structure of long-form improv taught in many of the top improv schools and Game moves are patterns in your improv that gets laughs. We’ll work on time-dash and analogous beats, tag-runs and walk-ons, support from the team and other ways of finding, exploring, and heightening your game moves while maneuvering your way through the complexities of The Harold.

Who is teaching it? Workshop presented by Dylan Rohde.

Dylan is the Founder/Director of The Backline Comedy Theatre and the Omaha Improv Fest. He trained and performed at UCB-LA and iO West for years, and was a member of the early LA Indie scene.

Combining UCB and iO has created a style that is both very focused on “Game” but also a necessity for finding “Relationship.” The goal is for a realistic and relatable scene, but also finding patterns to have fun with and to get the audience laughing. He teaches the two most important qualities in improv are Trust and Listening.

Dylan has taught and performed in dozens of major cities and festivals in the US, Canada, and Australia (so far!)

From being invited to teach at HUGE in Minneapolis, US to Improvention in Canberra, AUS, students take Dylan’s workshops because he focuses on the basics and gives you something to walk away with.

He’s been trained personally by over 60 of the best coaches in comedy today. From long-time legends like Kevin McDonald, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts to some of the best new talent in comedy tv and movies like Katie Dippold, Colton Dunn, and Amber Ruffin.

Workshop details
Workshop cost: 1000NT per person
Hosted by Taichung Improv and Skits and Giggles
Participants must have some basic improv experience to join.
Please PM or text Josh to reserve your place!