An International Comedy Crossover

An International Comedy Crossover
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Improv Comedy Clash: Watch your favorite teams compete in improvised games and vote for the winners!

Interrogated: You committed the crime, now see it as a comedy show!

This show asks audience members to get up on stage and confess something they’ve gotten away with (doesn’t have to actually be illegal) and then a team of amazing improvisers will perform scenes based off of that story.

“Interrogated” started in the middle of America (Omaha, NE) and has since performed in festivals and cities all over the country, including the largest improv festival in the US- The Del Close Marathon in NYC. It has even spawned similar shows in cities like Denver and Philadelphia.

This show will feature Interrogated and Backline Theatre founder Dylan Rohde, alongside a number of Taiwan’s best improvisers. Don’t miss this show!

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