Improv Comedy Double Seven Summer Show and Party 即興喜劇

即興喜劇 7/7 又來了喔! 暑假第一強檔,這個全英文劇團充滿幽默,友誼,愛,智慧,啟發,冒險。


Welcome to join our event on this Saturday.

Improv Comedy Double Seven Summer Show and Party!
Hosted by Skits and Giggles and Taichung Improv

To celebrate the arrival of summer and to say thank you to all our wonderful audience members from the past year we have a gift for you – This show is FREE!

If you’re in town on 7/7 you’re in for a treat. Double the FUN! Double The LUCK! Double the LAUGHS!

We will also bid farewell to one of our superstars. We don’t want to reveal too much but this person had us gagging and in stitches with their time as one of our ensemble. Come and see how she (oops) creates improv magic one last time on the FROG stage.
Farewells are always bittersweet but we are determined to not be sad but to celebrate the good times and making more happy memories!

Bring your suggestions. Bring your friends. Bring your good vibrations. We’ll bring the comedy!


When: Sat, July 7, 2018
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Doors to 2F open at 19:30. After party till late.

Please support the BAR. The Frog is an amazing place with a wonderful atmosphere and great food and drinks. They have been so awesome at supporting and sponsoring improv comedy for more than 10 years. We salute them!